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May 04, 2005



I had a vacuum coffeepot a few years ago, but it wasn't electric: I heated it on the stovetop (with a heat diffuser, obviously). I no longer have it for a few reasons:

* The glass stem cracked. I don't know how I could have avoided this. The crack got worse quickly and I had to get rid of it.
* As much as I loved the process of making coffee this way, I was never very happy with how it tasted. Probably because the coffee was made with boiling water rather than just below boiling, which I prefer.

However, someone just told me that America's Test Kitchen strongly recommended vacuum pots in part because the water is *not* boiling by the time it's in contact with the coffee. They were referring to electric models (recommending, I believe, the Black & Decker). What's your experience with this?


We actually had the Black & Decker model and loved it. Unfortunately it developed a crack where it was attached to the plastic pot. Of course that was the end of the vacuuum. We thought the Black & Decker was a great pot. It was close to half the price of the one we have now, it kept the coffee a little warmer after brewing and was easier to clean. Black & Decker sometime in the last year stopped making them. I talked about that in an earlier post, but it is a shame. Once I get the coffee and water mixture right, I think this is the best home brewed coffee there is. Someone needs to figure out how to do a glass electric vacuum pot.

Sean Carter

the coffee maker industry really have grown a lot over the years. You can easily make such quality coffee in your home. I like my coffee maker and finding the Krups parts I need is so easy.

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