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December 06, 2004




Leslie MacQueen

Nicest presentation of a recipe I have ever seen. We live on PEI and have a beach just loaded with clams. You must come up and then possibly revise your recipe to read "fresh clams". Nothing like it.


Thanks for the compliment. I know better than to come to PEI a second time. I have been told that if you visit the Island twice, you'll never leave.

Actually I know better since I have been a number of times. You live in spot of wonderful natural beauty.

It is just a lot colder than where I am now in Cape Carteret, NC. We also have lots of clams and plenty of oysters. I think most of our blue mussels still come from up your way.

Here are a couple of pictures I snapped at one of our beaches today.

Today we are about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and it should be near 80F or 27C by the middle of next week. Our strawberries have been ripe for a couple of weeks. As I remember yours aren't ripe until close to July so you should come for a visit.

We really should revise the recipe now that we live on the NC Coast. You can check our area on my other site, which has mostly coastal information.

After all this talk about PEI, I'm hungry for one of your wonderful lobsters. One about 2.5 lbs would be just right for dinner.

Lorraine E.

As was said above this recipe was a fine presentation worthy of Julia Childs.

I make haddock chowder, just because my husband, of almost 60 years, likes haddock alot.
I Googled how to thicken sauces and it sent me here. I've added it to myt favorites.


Hmm, I've never thought of thickening my clam chowder w/ flour. I either make it thinner or go all out w/ cream. I thicken other sauces w/ flour. I don't know why I never thought of doing it for chowder. I'll definitely be trying this, thanks.
I always add my clams at the end (where you add the 1/2 and 1/2 would be good.) Adding them earlier makes them too chewy. I bet if your wife used fresh clams but did not add them until the end you would change your mind about fresh or canned being all the same. I've become a clam chowder snob since I discovered making mine w/ fresh clams.

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