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November 27, 2018



Comparing a chrome book to a MacBook is like comparing an iPad to a windows laptop, because a chrome book is more like an iPad than a mac or windows laptop.

The 9.7" 128gb iPad with a Logitech keyboard and crayon give you a serious competitor for most things at a price of under $550 ($399+50 kb +70 crayon).

I'll grant you the lack of a mouse makes certain tasks require some re-learning but the quality of the hardware and the availability of Applications (web apps and iOS apps) is very similar.

Note: I'm with you that Apple under Tim is pushing the price limits and I hope they step it back soon or it will seriously hurt the companies future. Maybe an A series laptop will make you look back? Maybe not!


I think you would probably agree more with me if you actually tried the Pixelbook's keyboard. It is outstanding as is the Pixelbook hardware. I have yet to use it as a tablet so comparing it to an iPad is a stretch for me. My tablet use will be less than 5%. I know an iPad is certainly much better than my original Kindle Fire, but I have not felt the need to have a better tablet. I wanted a real laptop with a touch screen. The iPad with a keyboard just doesn't do it for me. The Pixelbook has a 12.3-inch display with a 235ppi density which I think is perfect. Smaller would be harder on my older eyes. The Pixelbook is a real computer that does everything I want. It feels like a laptop when I carry it around and does everything my Yoga did so I feel justified in considering it a laptop not an iPad competitor. I too hope Apple backs off on the price gouging. I would also like to see them add touch screens.

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