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January 15, 2015



The fact that iWork generates a different file format with every version and refuses to open the old ones has to be one of the most insane things I've seen in four decades of computer use. Thank goodness for plain text files and the backward compatibility in Word.

I'm far less sympathetic regarding iCloud drive. It's optional and you chose to activate it despite having devices that are not compatible.

I use Macs every day at home and work so I certainly understand your frustration with the software direction. Like you I would also prefer configurable hardware. Every Mac I owned during the 680x0 and PPC era had expansion slots, but Steve Jobs always wanted the Mac to be an appliance in a sealed box and I have to admit I knew that when I bought my first one.

Unlike you I've never really liked using Windows and never learned Linux. Windows PCs were tools for work and I was almost always happier with my Macs, even during the bad old days of extension conflicts.
I don't like subscription software. I like to "own" my music and software not rent them. Those things, along with an Apple-centric job, keep me in their ecosystem for now. I'm not invested in iOS so in theory I could use any brand of phone, but I'm not comfortable telling Google everything I do. They already know more about me than I'd like them to.


I have been on Apple's cloud services forever even back to when they were something of a revolution. As a technology writer, I like to see if Apple is making any measurable progress or continues to scratch its head.

I keep hoping that someday they might give me a way to manage the old .Mac email addresses they are hosting and which still sort of work.

I have actually warmed to the idea of subscription software and have to give MS credit for that. The pricing for five licenses was too good to pass up and the ease of installing is great. I would much rather pay for something that is regularly updated than something which like Apple's "free" apps might or might not be updated and could easily be dropped.

Google's free apps so far haven't let me down, but I know that could change at their whim.

We will see how I do with the Adobe subscription but I could not justify the full price of Photoshop. I do have a month to cancel and get a full refund.

I do a lot of mapping of some of our rapidly changing beaches so mostly I want Google to know exactly where I am.


I am very happy with my Droid Turbo. I love the integration the Droid has always had with my Picasa photos and the maps which I create with my phone are automatically there for me to work with on whatever platform I choose. It is also easy to manage my photo albums from the web which is impossible as far as I can tell with iCloud.

I also have an original Kindle Fire and a Nexus 7 so pretty well nothing from the Apple world will work on them, but I can use MS cloud software on them as well as the Google apps.

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