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November 02, 2012


Geordie General

Based upon your description of the model and time you bought it your drive is part of the Apple recall and you can get it replaced for free (well given your location and access to Apple Authorized Service Provider maybe not so free but ignoring travel costs free).



Thanks for the info

It would sound like my system would be a perfect fit for that program, but somehow I always miss out on those Apple programs.

When I entered my serial number I got the message "The iMac serial number you entered is not eligible for this program. No further action on your part is needed at this time."


Well "no further action" is required if I want my iMac to stay broken.

I had the same problem with Aluminum PowerBook which had a bad lower memory slot. Apple had a program to cover that but my serial number didn't qualify me.

All this brings me back to my original point, you pay through the nose for Apple products and chances of getting good service if something breaks is a roll of the dice.

I don't even mind buying a drive, but I don't like pulling a LCD. I'll likely take it to a friendly reseller that I know around Winston-Salem, NC. I suspect I will switch the iMac to a SSD.

Actually I did qualify for one Apple program, my white MacBook eventually quit working due to overheating and I had to send it back to Apple. That means three of the last four Macs that I have purchased have had serious problems.

I think that I see the hand writing on the wall given that my wife and I have also purchased four Windows laptops during the same period and all of them are still running.

At least in my case Windows hardware has been more reliable than everything but my Dual G5 system. Certainly the Windows hardware is a lot less expensive.

The three disabled Macs cost me close to $5,000. The four Windows laptops totaled around $2,800.


Couldn't agree more re: the 'save as' functionality. I'm really surprised more people didn't make a fuss about it. Makes zero sense to change such a staple of the OS, and, as it is, the 'duplicate' function has almost no destination mapping functionality. Seems so half baked.

It's these recent moves, along with Siri, iCloud & iMessage, that speak to a lack of quality control in the decision-making process or ivory tower mentality where decisions are made by people who aren't actually using the product.

I guess we shall see...


In Mountain Lion, "share" actions such as emailing a PDF are heralded by a new system-wide toolbar item.


This would be a pointless change if it were arbitrary, but it makes sense to not have the same command in two places, in the context of an OS-wide sharing overhaul. A user on 10.7 would not have necessarily known to look under File for the email-PDF option, but the Share menu is standardized and consistent.

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