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November 18, 2012


Brian Marsh

Things may get more consistant with Jonathan Ives overseeing OS as well as hardware now, but time will have to tell. Hopefully things will get more consistant... I would like to see the Share menu consistant on all Apps, not just a button like it is in iPhoto, ultimately though consistency is more important than how it specifically looks.

As for the mantra, there have been many issues over the years with Mac OS 9 having some wildly different functions packed into the same OS without a consistant look, to "missing features" when OS X was released and for the next few versions.

I've had to fix dropbox issues for some users in a similar way to syncing various services over time has been a problem (either physical or over internet Backberry, MobileMe, iCloud, yahoo, etc...) I've actually been surprised at how few Photostream issues I have run into (other than an empty photostream icon on my phone, because it somehow picked up the wrong iCloud account after upgrading to iOS 6, worked perfectly on the computer. I'd consider it a consumer service though, not for pro or semi-pro who take that many pictures)

As for web development, there have been many programs for this over the years, some handle loading a page from the server to make changes just fine, but many are locally based and just publish the finished HTML, so have the same issues as iWeb with working from multiple computers. (iWeb is most likely no longer going to be updated or sold, unless another project manager decides to take it over)

As for the "Save As" issue, it is more about getting users into a better workflow to begin with to reduce the likelihood of accidentally over-saving their work. If you start with duplicating then make the changes and save it as a new file, it is much harder to accidentally save over an old document. (Once I figured this part out, it made much more sense)

Pricing for the same exact parts at least here in Canada tends to be very close, not sure about the US, at least when a product is launched - it can be higher towards the end of the time it is sold before the new model comes out. Many "cheaper" products with "the same specs" are using older generation processors, or other things missing to deliver at the cheaper price point. I see this quite a bit in even comparing "PC" models, you have to dig to see what is actually included specifically to then compare with another model that may be more or less $.

I will say that I do find Windows 7 to be the best windows by far although with the programs I have used in windows, I do not find it very consistant overall.

These are of course, just my opinions.

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