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July 13, 2012


Dave M.

Man, do I hear you! I have felt that there are a few apps by Apple that are in desperate need of reworking. iPhoto, iTunes, Finder and even Mail.app.

I have found iTunes taking up over 800MB's of "Real Mem" in Activity Monitor and even a few times where it was over 900MB's. The Finder was beachballing so much for me in Lion that I finally started using Path Finder just to get work done.

Now, even though I still have 5GB's of RAM in my system, I've had to move back to Snow Leopard. For what ever reason, Lion was just beachball central!

Now, I have found that iPhoto won't even run anymore (10.7 or greater) and I have found many other programs are the same way. All because of iCloud, which I found to be way to complicated for me much less the average user.

I'm on a Mac Pro (2006) which works just fine other than the fact that Apple has abandoned my computer. I understand that Apple feels the need to move on. But if they don't want to support 6 year old computers, then they need to make them less durable so that we are forced to buy new ones.

Both my Mac's are of the 2006 ilk. They both work just fine (though my MacBook screen brightness seems to flicker a bit til it gets warmed up). My Mac Pro has been on pretty much 99.9999% of that time and works flawlessly. (One 1GB RAM stick now says it's 512KB's, but other than that...)

I'm disappointed that I won't be able to use Mountain Lion, but since Lion is a huge resource hog, I don't mind being left behind there.

I'm even more disappointed that I'm being left behind due to my 1st gen iPad not being able to run iOS 6! It's only just under 2 years old! WTF Apple! My iPhone 4 is right around 2 years old and it's going to be able to run iOS 6. Not all the features, but still.

Apple seems to be on a: "In order to run the latest and greatest of our software, you need to keep buying the latest hardware we sell!" kick. I fully understand why they are doing it; to make money. Still, this only the latest hardware gets our latest software move is really starting to piss me off!

I get the feeling that Apple is just getting lazy since more and more, Apple is becoming more popular. Just look at virus writers, they see OS X as a popular enough platform to start really looking into the OS for holes now.

Thanks for the great post, Apple needs to read it and get off their "high" horse!

Jayson Kurt

After sales support is very important to me too... this is one reason why most of the time I check its service center's location before purchasing. :)

Guess apple is better in this area compared with others.

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