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July 03, 2012


Thomas Elam

My friends who have Macs claim that, unlike Windows, their boot times never get slower. Is this a Snow Leopard oddity, or are they blowing smoke?


Well getting slow can definitely be a Snow Leopard "feature" as I found. Anyone that says nothing ever happens to a Mac hasn't had very many Macs. Just do a Google search for "slow Snow Leopard" and have a look at the comments.

LongTime Reader

Any chance you'll write up your thoughts on Windows 8 at any sort of in-depth level? I know this is supposed to be an Apple-centric blog, but I feel like this sort of avenue would be more relevant now, especially in light of the Surface being announced and how that will compare to the iPad. Are you planning to purchase any new Windows PC equipment after the launch of 8?


I hope to write up Windows 8. I've lived through XP, Vista, and Windows 7 so I am anxious to see what Microsoft has in store for us. The Surface product might me my next computer. I probably will wait until I get something new with Windows 8 on it.

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