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March 31, 2012


Robert P

My sense is that Apple feels it can do no wrong. They seem to defy the odds of business largely due to its magnetic brand image. I never thought their stock would hit the current level they are at. Microsoft ruled the world at one point but for different reasons. You simply couldn't avoid them or their products. With Apple, people can't get enough of their products. But everything reaches a saturation point. Apple will never be Microsoft, but ironically they have become the bully that Microsoft was. I use Apple products for the right reasons - the personal productivity increases that benefit me in the midst of a crazy busy life. But if there were alternatives, I would seriously consider them based on how Apple is starting to rub me the wrong way. I love Apple products - I really do - but I am not so sure I love the company. I feel dissonance because ideally the two should go hand in hand. I beleive there will come a day where Apple will face their own personal Stalingrad. I don't wish this on them, but it may be inevitable. Then it will come down to the excellent points you brought up in your article - they will have to do things the old fashion way. Hire good people, and reward them for good work and not their egos. Is this idealistic? Maybe it is a little, but it wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen to Apple. It would make them mortal in the eyes of its customers, which may make them love them even more ;-)


I think you will find that the best compensation systems pay employees according to personal/team/corporate performance with varying proportions.

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