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November 15, 2011



Call AMEX and ask for dispute resolution. Explain simply that the product you received was not what they represented and it isn't usable. Tell them you have been unsuccessful getting a refund or an appropriate replacement. They will credit the charge to you first and make inquiries to Adobe. When the money is now back on your side of the ledger, it is Adobe's problem to show you owe it instead of your problem to prove you don't. I have found AMEX to be very helpful in these situations. Of course, I never put a charge in dispute unless I am absolutely in the right and have it all documented, as you seem to.


As long as you are not abusing it (I.e.: once every couple of years, and possibly letting a few bad $2 charges slide), AMEX is militant about bad charges. Call them and file a dispute and they will work for you. Don't need to go into detail, only that you were charged $214, and for a product that doesn't work.

They really work hard for you. I've had a terrible experience once with Microsoft Online Sales that was resolved by AMEX.

And then see if Consumerist has Adobe's official escalation email and send an email documenting this to Adobe, CCing Consumerist, ending with the fact that Adobe just lost a life long customer for no reason at all but their stupidity.

Thomas Elam

If Adobe won't fix the credit, AMEX will. Dispute the billing and now it's Adobe's problem.


I second - file a written dispute with the credit card company. Regardless of all the sins of the credit industry (debit cards being one of them), there remain significant consumer protections on credit cards...


Check out Freeway Pro 5? I have used them for several years have found them to be exceptional in support as well as upgrades.




Thanks for indicating the alternative to Dreamweaver, the Freeway Pro 5!!!

Tom B

Abode is a lazy company. They are "coasting". I am tired of Adobe. One day, Apple will release a "Photoshop Killer", and that will be that.

Mr. Reeee

Freeway Pro 5 is fantastic!

I'm an architectural designer with a fine art education and some graphic design experience, but had NEVER done any web site building. For my own business site, I did NOT want to do any coding OR use Flash!

I had a copy of RapidWeaver I got as part of a MacHeist bundle, so tried using it. It was too dumb for me and the template selections weren't very editable. So, Freeway Pro was it. It was a real pleasure to use!

Mr. Reeee

MY Adobe anecdote...

Over the years, I somehow ended up with 3 full licenses to Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat Pro and Freehand. With Freehand dead and still running Photoshop 7 and Acrobat 5, I decided to upgrade to CS3. So, I called Adobe to see if I could consolidate ALL THREE PAID licenses toward a deal on the upgrade.

No way they said. I was incredulous, but they would not budge.

I don't actually hate Adobe, but they're making me tilt in that direction.

I hope Adobe sells Freehand so I can escape the misery of working with Illustrator. Dreadful dreadful application! To minimize the pain, I actually draw a lot in Vectorworks, export as eps and open in Illustrator.


Adobe is making the same mistakes Quark has. The same mistakes that toppled Quark from an important software powerhouse into an irrelevant afterthought.

After years of suffering through arrogant and horrible customer service, I was very happy to see Quark fail. The same was true for Syquest. (Remember them?) I feel the same distain for Adobe.


thank you very much for sharing your experiences with Adobe. From other activities I have had with that company I had felt that here was a company in disrepair, but I had no idea how bad they had really become in all areas. It seems that cancer spreads in companies much like in living organisms.

Other than being bought out by someone, I also think that their days are numbered as they are. Bloated and clueless, nothing to say of their arrogance which goes along with the previous two.

Too bad, Photoshop was a good product at one time. Today it has become as bloated as Microsoft WORD became over the years.

Sell your shares in Adobe, if you have any, and do so before you regret not having done that earlier.

Thomas Elam

After having to deal with Adobe and their overpriced upgrades for 10 years, I finally dropped Acrobat Pro and bought a copy of pfedit995. Not as slick as Acrobat, but it does the job of creating and managing pdf files.

wordpress development

i love Adobe but it's a good thing you brought up, i am planning on buying a Droid and was just thinking on trying to install applications to it.


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