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October 21, 2011



bought, preorder starts when?


Still working on the details, but you will find out first here on Applepeels.

Longtime Reader

Thank you for following up on the earlier request to provide some commentary on your experiences and thoughts about Steve. It will indeed be interesting to see how the design, process, and especially quality of Apple's products is carried out going forward. It seems a bit hasty of the media to casually omit the less-than-flattering details or realities of Steve's history, however it is still great to see that someone who valued beauty, refinement, and technology is being heralded in an age in which celebrities who do nothing more than breathe and show off their bits are glorified constantly. I do hope that in some ways these recent events help to inspire other younger people to look upon successful, intelligent, and hard-working people as their inspiration over that of the less-desirable examples that are out there in droves.

Sorry to rant there, just some thoughts that I figured I'd vent on. As it always is with Apple, we all will continue to value its contributions and be enraptured with the various products that it puts out. While not having Steve there will dampen the enthusiasm I once had for "the next big thing" a bit, I still feel confident that the wonderment and admiration for their products will continue unabated for the foreseeable future.


As note to the fellow who left a rude comment- I was right, you left a fake email address because my response to you bounced.

It is typical of people who take affront at the truth about the internal workings of Apple that they hide behind anonymous names.

I received this in a note from a former Apple employee.

"...I completely agree. My experience from (Apple) was the same although not as deep as yours with Steve and management."

I am always happy to hear from Apple employees or ex-employees and as many know, their responses always stay private unless they wish otherwise.


Great post as always - I will also buy your book. I think your perspective has always been a healthy one - all the other write-ups on Steve over the last several weeks really don't tell anything that hasn't already been known. I think employees or ex-employees, not part of Steve's inner circle - probably have the best beat on a company and its leaders. Other people that I know who have worked or met Steve in some capacity describe him as polarizing - they either liked him a lot or didn't care for him at all. There was really no in between. He definitely had a presence - people that I know work at Apple know seemed literally afraid of him when they saw him on campus - even more so as his disease progressed. It was understood that as an employee you never walked up to him and said hello - or else. He was supposedly different in the Apples stores he visited. As much as I repsected him, I wish he had treated people better - but maybe that comes with the territory of being who he is or was. I was curious if you were going to buy Isaacson's book - I probably won't.


Congrats on a nice writeup. I look forward to seeing what you come out with on this topic, very fascinating.

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