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January 20, 2011



I think you are being picky about the i5. Location of the SD slot and the ports on the back never crossed my mind. Wires hanging off the sides or front would be really tacky.


I think the whole thing about Apple products is that we pay more for perfection.

However, I didn't buy the iMac as a work of art, I bought it as a computer. The cables hang down behind the computer anyway so they are already visible.

If you made the stand thicker you could build them into the bottom of it.

And the SD slot being close to the DVD slot is a design flaw. A SD slot on the other side, bottom corner be much more useful and safer.

Not putting it someplace else besides under the DVD slot is just lazy design work.

Longtime Reader

I'll agree that the ports being on the back are somewhat annoying. Although I could tolerate them more if they were at least on the side. However, I definitely agree that having them in the base/stand would be really nice, since there's already all that free space down there anyway. I doubt we'll see anything like that come our way, though, as Apple has stuck with the basic layout they have now for the past 7 or 8 years through all of the revisions.

As long as we're wishing for things that probably won't happen, I wish they'd allow for more user customization in the hardware on the iMacs. If I could replace the video card over time, I'd be much more inclined to pick a new one up. On that same tangent, I wish Apple would work with the discreet video card designers (AMD and NVidia) so that there would be more compatibility with the newest cards and they were easy to stick into older hardware.

Oh well, I guess that's why it helps if you can afford both a PC and a Mac, so that you can have the best of both worlds. It's not the best solution, but it works for now.

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