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December 05, 2009



Good post! Quick note on the cost of Antivirus for the PC. Microsoft has released a free (and well-received) Antivirus product known as Microsoft Security Essentials, which is available here: http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/

Neil Anderson

Amazing how close in price they are and yet one gets so much more with a Mac.

Constable Odo

If you want to run OSX, I think your choices are rather limited unless you want to run some hackintosh device. If you buy an iMac, you can easily set up BootCamp and you'll basically have OSX and Windows as an option. (Windows 7 isn't fully supported yet in BootCamp). And there's always choice or using VMWare Fusion and/or Parallels Desktop to run Windows. Parallel Desktop 5 runs Windows 7 very nicely as I have it running on my iMac. Of course, if it just comes down to cost, then the standard PC is the best choice. I just like Macs and I'm an Apple investor so I certainly back Apple products.


Windows Vista is honestly not even close to Windows 7 as far as stability and performance. I have replaced Windows XP on my kids older co
purses that could not run Vista and Windows 7 runs better on these devices than XP did. Before making a statement like that, you should truly use the thing you are comparing it to.

Also, I run Snow Leopard in VMware on my Windows 7 PC, and it literally runs faster there than on native Apple hardware. I have it running on a PC with a Core i7, but a friend of mine runs it with the same result on a Core 2 Quad as well.

To say that integrated applications as good as the iLife Suite aren't included with Windows is really splitting hairs in my opinion. The Windows Live application suite is a free download and the applications are very good. I personally have never been a big fan of the iLife Suite, so I think it's a matter of personal preference.

Specing out a device can be a tricky thing, but I like my range of choices and price options when buying Windows computers. I just recently bought my wife a $499 15" HP dual-core laptop that has been stellar. You can't touch it from Apple, and it has an LED screen.

If one is happy living in the Apple bubble, more power to them. I just can't do it. I'm getting pretty fed up with my iPhone 3GS as well, and kinda wish I had just waited for the new Android phones that are being released. It's the walled garden that I just can't seem to cope with. Their stuff is pretty and shiny and all, but that doesn't cut it for me. I also can't stand what apple is doing to the iPhone developers out there, but several big players leaving still won't change that.


Kim Austin

Thanks for putting this up.

I quite often hear people saying that Apple is so much overpriced compared to the PC world, but as you have pointed out, it's the integration of the provided software that makes a huge difference. Also reliability.

Not sure what issues "St00pidChicken" is having with his/her iPhone...mine is running well and "cuts it" every time. each to their own I suppose.

Kim Austin (Brisbane, Australia)


If only this held true for notebooks. Here is a comparison of i7 notebooks.

Apple 15" Macbook Pro

2.66 i7
4gb Ram
500gb 7200rpm HD
512mb Graphic Card

Price UK Pounds (1839-00)

Dell Studio 15

2.66 i7
4gb Ram
500gb 7200rpm HD
1GB Graphic Card (double the mac)

Price UK Pounds (869-00)

Making the Macbook Pro but with a smaller graphic card 980-00 pound more (111% More)

That is just insane.


Correction to above 970-00 pound more.

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