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April 28, 2008


Big Man

I can't possibly imagine why you wouldn't buy an Intel Mac laptop and set it up with Parallels for whatever Windows applications you are stuck having to use.

Matthew Treder

Nice post. Echoes our recent experiences with Vista on a brand-new laptop. It crashes several times a day, can't install software that worked fine in XP, beseiges us with incomprehensible dialogs that appear to have been generated by machine code, and generally seems to have a spiteful disposition toward its human masters. Yeesh.


"It might be easy to say that the problems with Vista are to be expected since the OS comes from one company and the hardware is thrown together from a variety of companies who have lived in a world where no one has taken responsibility for the user's problems for years."

And yet the same goes for Zonbu Linux, which you say has given you fewer problems.

I haven't used Vista myself, but from what people say (including in those embarrassing Microsoft internal emails) it seems to be problematic to say the least.

It's been suggested that the surge in the sales of Macs is partly caused by people steering clear of Vista. But I doubt that assumption is really testable.


In Corporate Sweden, CIOs take the approach of waiting out for Windows 7, ditching Vista. In my eyes, it's a very risky approach, since Windows 7 is not likely going to fix the problems that Vista has. It's better to bite the Apple now and make a migration. Those who wait will only suffer more.

Alan Smith

I have quite a few friends who have switched to Mac because of the horrible Vista experience. So this migration thanks to MS is happening. Microsoft's enemy is Microsoft (or should that last line be Steve Balmer?).


I used to like your posts because if anything, they seemed to be honest. But your site has one or two redundant themes about OS X Vs. Vista or that you work in Realestate (and try to live in both computer camps). It's getting a little thin.

I've used Vista on a desktop without incident, though I don't allow my desktop to go to sleep. I used to but my mouse would never wake up (Ha!). That said, Vista is just fine. In fact, it's a great improvement over XP for my simple needs.

Try to move on to more interesting topics, if you can.


This is amusing how many problems you've got with Vista. I have a desktop with Vista and own a second laptop (HP, BTW!) which runs Vista (the previous one was with Vista as well). What can I say? I never had any problems except the crapware that came with my brand new HP. Once uninstalled -- everything's just fine. How people manage to run into so much of trouble is a real mistery for me.


I'm glad your system works well. My guess is you might not do the same things with yours that I do with mine.

I talked to our IT guy today. Our company probably still has over 100 systems running XP. He thought "quagmire" was a good way to describe Vista.

I had dinner with two long time Windows users. They are ready to throw their Vista machine out and buy a Mac. They are tired of waiting for Vista.

I actually think the people who believe that Vista is good, just don't know what good is.

Perhaps prolonged exposure to Windows dulls the senses.


As a matter of fact, I'm a software developer and kinda more expected to get into trouble with all these Vista features, but no, I'm absolutely OK.


I have had my share of troubles with Vista Home Basic on a laptop from Fujitsu-Siemens here in Europe. Bad Wifi, running hot, trouble with going into sleep mode, hanging from exiting sleep mode, hanging when attaching peripherals and crashing applications.

I got so frustrated with the laptop I had the seller send it in for service to Fujitsu-Siemens. It was returned with an exchanged motherboard, but some of the problems did not go away.

As a last resort I did a clean install of Vista (no extra Fujitsu-Siemens addon bloatware) and used only the drivers from Windowsupdate, except for the gpu drivers. Now the Vista laptop works perfectly, it doesn't crash or hang. Well, IE7 does hang now and then, but then again my wife is the one that uses IE7 against my advice on using Firefox for better web-browser stability.

When I bought the laptop from FS, I did it against better advice. I have a friend that works in computer tech support, and he said that I should never buy a laptop from FS, as all the computers he has done service on, has always been sent back to FS and the motherboard exchanged. This laptop was the first and last product I'll ever buy from FS.

And regarding to Vista, I'd say now that I've used it for a while, it is a more pleasant UI experience (as long as one turn off all the eye-candy to speed it up) than XP. But my preferred OS is still OSX (Leopard), although I am concidering moving back to Linux and run any other OS I may need as a Virtual Machine.


Many of the problems you describe (especially wireless issues and wake/sleep issues) may be due to a motherboard failure. Check out the following URL. HP replaced my motherboard based on the problem. Apparently there was a bad batch and you can check your serial number against a range and get a free replacement.


(Note: the above comment should in no way be construed as indicating Vista is anything short of wretched.)

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