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October 23, 2007




Your comment comparing Windows users to battered wives reminded me that the worst thing about Macs, is the quasi-religious cultists it seems to attract.

As a Mac user, I sometimes worry about being associated with them.

As companies go, Apple is at least as bad as Microsoft; they just rely on people such as yourself to hide the fact for them.

Did you know that Apple recently sent out an firmware update that stopped iPods from being used with third pary music managers? How's that for unethical?


"Did you know that Apple recently sent out an firmware update that stopped iPods from being used with third pary music managers? How's that for unethical?"

I can't understand your reasoning.

You think Sony would permit a hack to allow the X-box from running its PlayStation games, or visa versa?

No one complains Microsoft has a monopoly over the X-box, but you people think Apple has a monopoly over its iPod.

Get real.

Now if Apple had released software to control its competitor music players in some fashion, then you are talking unethical.

John S

I love all these forums who ether bash Microsoft as the evil empire or complain Apple is against third party development.You got to love these idiots who say they are against buying into big corporate control. God help you if you can.Other than difference of style. I don't see much difference between Apple and Microsoft. Other than Microsoft wants to keep its place in the market and Apple wants to expand.They both make the others products out to be inferior.If you don't like Apple or Microsoft fine,but hate them?
Have you been living under a rock?
Nether are going anywhere anytime soon.But talk about control freaks Microsoft is timid compared to Apple who has to control its hardware,software, has its own DRM for music! Come On Mac fans.Your in a cult and Steve Jobs is the leader.I like my Macbook as well as any other computer I have had. But if it don't work with what I need it for. Then I am back to Dell.Computers are like cars,theirs different models but they all get you down the same road!

Partners in Grime

Some cars need far more maintenance and repairs though.

Cheap Computers

very true..lots of users have a hard while using it


There are a few things about Macs that I think are worth considering. There's really little worry regarding viruses and the like. This can be a huge deal.

Sorry to hear about the problems with some web sites requiring Internet Explorer. I anticipate that this problem will be declining with time. the reason is that IE is declining in market -share and web site developers are developing new products using standards, rather that IE Active-X controls. There's a good reason for this in the security area as well.

As far as using Mac only or PC only - I have to agree with several posters who state that if you get a Mac you can use Mac and Windows with little effort. As a developer, I have both a Mac and a PC on my desktop and switch between them constantly every day. They both get the job done, that's for sure. I really do like the stability and lack of viruses on Mac. Also, Mac is easier to administer - as far as installing software and the like. Thankfully, my PC is pretty stable, although in the past I have had problems with random crashes, which I narrowed down to in wireless card. That's the thing about PC's - its a pretty chaotic world out there and you really need to know what you are doing and can certainly put your PC in a state that's unstable. I have seen people have tons of adware and multiple virus detection programs such that just booting the machine can take more than 5 minutes. Performance can really be effected by all the stuff that you install on a PC.

I have been a developer for Mac and PC for over 20 years and from a developer perspective, I have to say that neither company is all that much better than the other for a developer. Apple tends to work with a lot of small pop-and-pop companies and as such they tend to be more informal and easier to work with if you are a startup. Microsoft tends to work with a lot of corporate customers and so has a ton of material online and available for a nominal fee. But, in the end, both companies are really working with developers to improve their own bottom line. As such, I am not so sure that it is wise to get too embedded with either company exclusively.

Thankfully, the Internet has really opened up many choices for real estate agents. When software is written to internet standards, you can run it from any web browser that conforms to those standards. So, this year you have Vista notebook. next year you may have an iPhone or perhaps a netbook running Linux. In any case, if you select web software that's written properly, there's no software to install and it works on everything without configuration. I like to explain the software we sell like this - its just like Google for real estate agents. If you can get google, then you can use RealtyJuggler. Its that simple.

If only other companies were as forward looking...

Scott Schmitz
RealOrganized, Inc.

cheap computers

It just didn't make financial sense to buy a Mac laptop with a non OEM copy of Windows. It was just too expensive. Besides I have gotten used to working with a Windows machine and a Mac side by side. I think it makes me more productive. I could not do that with one machine.

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