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July 01, 2006



Er ... of course the retailers can't match your price if you're taking advantage of an illegal discount. The educational and large-group discounts are for personal use only, not for your dad.


It means a little more when you accuse someone of doing something illegal if you actually know what you are talking about.

Since I was the person who drove the creation of the Apple Federal online store, I had more than a little to do with the terms and conditions. They haven't changed since I left.

This is what you'll find...

"The Federal Government Employee Purchase Program (EPP) is a benefit provided by Apple Computer, Inc. ("Apple"), to employees and contractors of all Federal Government agencies. The program is intended for personal use or for the use of family members and friends."

It goes on to say, "You may purchase or 'sponsor' up to six system bundles each calendar year (January 1-December 31). 'Sponsoring' means placing an order for a family member or friend."

The assumption that getting a lower price is illegal is just dumb.


The Apple packaging really helps with table-top demos here at VT. What other vendors do you know that pack up their demo units in original packaging and actually enjoy it? We had 3 MacBooks (white, black and 15" Pro) and one person could carry all 3 with the help of the built in handle.

And yes, the MacBook is often cheaper than a comparable Dell. I'm not sure about retail, but with the free 2GB iPod Nano available to back to school purchasesers, it's lots cheaper than a Dell. And on top of that, you get a $100 dollar rebate on a printer. Dells shipping is not always free either. Add the ability for a MacBook to run Windows and it really doesn't make sense for someone to get anything else.

Call Cruncher

I love the macbook. Thanks so much for the article. I look forward to your future work.


I finally got my hands on on both the Macbook and Macbook Pro today for a reasonable amount of time, when I was in the apple store in Short Pump, VA.

I really like the Macbook. I tried typing for awhile on the Macbook, and I am not sure how I like the keyboard. I guess it seemed a bit strange to me - perhaps it was the height I was using it, or maybe it was the spacing of the keys. I am not sure, but I thought the keys would be softer, but I was surprised by how sturdy and snappy they felt.

Be sure to purchase Parallels before the 14th, because the 15th, I believe it goes to full price. It's definitely worth it. Be sure to install the 'Parallels tools' into Windows XP. It will make things work so much quicker, especially with the video.


Actually I find the keyboard itself very nice after I got used to it. it's bigger than the keyboard on my Aluminum Powerbook.

There are couple of things that could be improved. The first is edge of the shelf where your wrist rests. It's actually a little sharp and could be more rounded. Perhaps over time it will wear down a little.

I find the touchpad a little less sensitive or perhaps just different from what I'm used to having. I still playing with the adjustments but it is not quite as responsive as I want it to be when I click with it.

The computer does run warm. It doesn't appear to be hotter or cooler than my 1 Ghz Aluminum PB.

Still on balance I really like the MacBook, especially the price point.

I got the Parallels software before July rolled around, but I haven't installed it yet. Thanks for the advice on the installation.


Sorry, I mistook the "Apple's many specialized programs" as deliberate omission, not flourish.

As far as "few companies come close" however, I'm not sold. Taking an order and then delivering something in a week is not splicing the genome.

Nor is putting a screen in the MacBook that has color ghosting and mouse trails ... unless this is some retro 1995 design they're rocking. (The keyboard, on the other hand, is my favourite since Saratoga)

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