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I grew up in North Carolina, attended military school in Tennessee and went to college in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

While in college I fell in love with Nova Scotia. After graduation I bought a farm along the sea coast of NS and with the help of three old roommates renovated a house approximately two hundred years old.

I fell in love with a wonderful young lady from my home town in NC, married her, and moved with her to New Brunswick, just north of Fredericton.

There we spent several years building our farm, having three children, and enjoying living in the snow belt of eastern Canada. Our herd of black and red Angus eventually numbered over two hundred and after eleven years we decided to disperse the cattle.

After taking a year off I spent some time doing marketing for the Canadian Angus Association, but eventually ended up buying an Apple II+ in the summer of 1982. It was one of the first in eastern Canada. I soon went to work for a local technology company which like everyone else had little idea how fast the microcomputer world would grow.

Two years later I went to work for Apple, and we moved the family to Halifax.

We came back to the states in a few years later and eventually came to reside on the side of a mountain looking over the city of Roanoke. In 2006 we fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams and moved to the Southern Outer Banks of North Carolina. I have never regretted that move.

After nearly twenty very successful years at Apple and several years trying other careers, I am now back in technology as the vice president of sales and marketing for WideOpen Networks. I still spend as much time as possible fishing, kayaking, boating, and walking the beaches of Bogue Banks.


fishing, photography, biking, kayaking, swimming, boating, and writing